Rambling Bio

Rebekah began the graduate-level Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program at Brandman University in August 2011, graduated in May 2013, and became a California Registered Intern (IMF 75650) in July 2013. (Résumé-type specifics about education and training can be found here.) She was a long time coming to a situation she now recognizes as inevitable.

Growing up in the American Midwest, Rebekah developed a fascination with hypnosis at a very young age. Unfortunately, her high school and undergraduate university psychology courses, while extremely interesting, did not sell the profession of therapist very effectively and Rebekah, being a girl of many interests and talents, chose to explore other paths. Besides, she comes from a family of “helpers” and what teenager wants to fall into the trap of doing what everyone else in the family does?

After Rebekah’s high school graduation, her family moved to California, where she attended between three and five universities (depending on how you count) across three changing majors. Computer Science morphed into Technical Theatre, which led to a break from education and many late-night talks about her future, which resulted in Rebekah enrolling as an English-Creative Writing major at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). While there, she was frequently asked, “Oh, an English major! Are you going to teach?”, and she jumped at the chance to fulfill a lifelong Anglophilic dream by spending a semester living and going to school in London, England.

Rebekah’s very first paying job, as a worm packer at a bait shop, paid $1/hour; she was 12. As a teenager and young adult, she worked at the public library, a pet store, a toy store that has since gone out of business, and a Presbyterian church. Since graduating from CSULB with her B.A. in 2003, Rebekah has worked as a word processor for a geotechnical engineering firm, an assistant editor for a small publishing company, and a temp in a variety of positions for a multitude of companies. After a 20-month (2009-2011) move back to the Midwest, she returned to California and found work as Instructional Assistant in the local school district.

Although it would take her another two years to fully realize it, Rebekah’s life was firmly set upon a new path during a late night of semi-random googling in 2007. Stumbling across Hypnosis Downloads and being exposed to Uncommon Knowledge‘s no-nonsense approach of sensible psychology reawakened with a vengeance Rebekah’s own interest in hypnosis and psychology. While consuming articles and books on the related topics, she finally (after two decades of fascination with it) became vocal as an advocate for hypnotherapy and as an active dispeller of hypnosis misconceptions. In 2009, through a slightly surreal set of circumstances, she began working with Uncommon Knowledge as a copy editor for a variety of projects, primarily the many self-help articles at UncommonHelp.me. Occasionally, she takes a moment to pinch herself and confirm that this actually happened.

A few months later, she entered an MFT program in San Diego and completed one class, intending to transfer to the university’s campus in the Midwest after she moved; however, the latter campus refused her transfer request for unknown reasons. (Having since learned that the university’s perfectly fine accreditation is, oddly, not accepted by some potential employers, she’s now rather glad that lead fizzled out, allowing her to pursue the Brandman program instead.) Despite that setback, Rebekah took the opportunity to train with Uncommon Knowledge on their “Hypnosis Unwrapped” and “Precision Hypnosis” courses. In April 2013, she began training on this side of the pond with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), completing their Basic workshop, and looks forward to learning more, becoming an ASCH-certified practitioner, and using hypnotherapy in her future practice.

Rebekah is a self-identifying, unapologetic geek who loves a variety of scifi and fantasy universes; a more-than-casual, less-than-hardcore gamer; a crafter specializing in knitting and crochet; and a Disneyphile. As a “Straight Ally”, she works and speaks up for equality irrespective of sexual identity or orientation. And she hates that in today’s world, children have literally been bullied to death – for any reason. She would love for her future therapy practice to be a place where youth and adults from the geek and LGBTQ communities can feel accepted, safe, and heard; she believes the two communities (which often overlap) are frequently under-served (or at least feel that they are) by the mental health field.

Rebekah also thinks she sounds rather silly speaking in the third person, so is going to end this About page…now.


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