Policies and Disclaimer

Practice vs. Blog Policies
(borrowed and adapted from Silver Cat Psychotherapy)

Readers becoming clients

If you’re looking for a therapist and think I might be the professional for you based on reading this blog, feel free to contact me (please note that while I am a Registered Intern and/or working within a mental health organization/clinic, I’ll be bound by the client guidelines of my site and supervision – e.g. the site may not serve your population, but I may be able to refer you to another professional). If we’ve spoken through Facebook, Twitter, or this blog on a casual basis, our relationship will change if you see me for therapy. We can discuss this during initial professional contact, either on the phone or in person.

Clients becoming readers

If you’re in therapy with me, it is your choice whether or not you read this blog. It is also your choice whether or not to tell me that you’ve found the blog, though I like to know who’s reading. If you comment here, I strongly encourage you to avoid using identifying information or references or mentioning any details of what we discuss in session. Be aware that my own experience, opinions, and history will come through in my writing, either directly or indirectly, and there may occasionally be some minor self-disclosure. People differ in whether or not they like to read about their therapists in this way. You are welcome to address your feelings about it with me.

My practice-blog boundary

I will never violate confidentiality on this blog. This means that I will not discuss details of sessions or identifying information about clients. However, I might talk generally about my experiences as a therapist or in working with a particular population of clients; therefore, any references to a “client” will be hypothetical examples or consolidations of clients, not any one specific client.

General disclaimer

The opinions expressed within Somewhere in Mind are mine and mine alone, except where I am quoting someone else. I do not claim to speak on behalf of any of my sites, supervisors, or employers (past, present, or future) or any other company to which I refer.

Any product/therapist/article/etc. recommendations I make are unpaid and made solely because I think the thing I’m recommending deserves to be shared. (Yes, this even applies to my recommendations of everything Uncommon Knowledge or products/content from people I met through Unk; remember, I was a fan long before I started working with them, and I’m an editor, not a promoter.)

Photos, videos, and audio used on the blog are my copyrighted material unless otherwise noted and/or blatantly obvious.

I make no money from this blog or anything posted here and am doing this simply because I feel like it.


And, finally: This blog is not a replacement for therapy or individualized evaluation

Any information provided here that could be construed as advice or counseling is meant to be at best educational and is not intended to be used in place of personalized, qualified mental health care. If you’re experiencing anything for which you feel you need professional help, please find a qualified licensed therapist near you with whom you can discuss it face-to-face. You might try the APA Psychologist Locator or, if you’re in California, CAMFT maintains CounselingCalifornia.com for the general public. (If you’re visiting the blog from outside the US, I’m looking for resources and will update when I find them.)


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